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Converting Country Codes in Pega

Converting Country Codes in Pega

From my previous articles on "Country Picker Controls" and “Displaying Country Names" it follows that an application could work with either 2-letter or 3-letter country codes; or both. When designing and developing Pega from the “center out” there comes a moment that you might integrate with some external system that expects either the shortest or slightly longer notation of such codes.

Note that both enumerations are perfectly valid and within the same ISO standardization. In practice you just need to cope with the specification of API of that remote system. Hence conversion between these two notations for country codes.

The following Java code can be used to convert a standard alpha-3 country code into an ISO 3166 alpha-2 letter code:

public static String convertISO3Country(String code) {
    String[] countries = Locale.getISOCountries();
    String countrycode = "";
    for (int i = 0; i < countries.length; i++) {
        Locale locale = new Locale("", countries[i]);
        if (locale.getISO3Country().equalsIgnoreCase(code)) {
            countrycode = locale.getISOCountry();
    return countrycode;

Instruction: Just copy-n-paste all but the first and last line. Since Pega auto-generates the declaration from the Parameters’ definition, you only need the function’s body and the return line as Java source in a suitable new function rule. The result should look like: Source code for convertISO3Country(String)

You can use the following parameter signature and documentation to reconstruct this business rule:

Input parameters

code 3-letter country code conform ISO 3166 String Text


String Text


Converts given 3-letter input Param.code into 2-letter country code; otherwise returns empty String "".


Inline function call to set some country code property.

Remember: Enable “Function ready to be compiled?” checkbox, Save and Check-In rule and then Generate function or library as a whole.

Exemplary calls

  • @convertISO3Country(.pyCountryCode)
  • @convertISO3Country(Param.CountryCode)

Enjoy! -Edgar

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