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Creating a SOAP Service in Pega

SOAP has been with us for quite a while now and has come a long way since the W3C´s recommendation of version 1.2 in 2007. Many application platforms adopt this standard protocol for the exchange of information in XML formatted messages and so does Pega. Still SOAP just provides (and is just supposed to just provide) the groundwork to build services on. The current trend is to build microservices to ease reuse and maintainability. One could think of these as services that provide a clear API consisting of set of operations on a single specific data object. This data object should preferable represent a well-known entity in real life for the service to make sense. Common examples of these entities would be a Customer, Product, Order, etc. but I leave this to the practice of Master Data Management for now. Typical generic entities in the world of PRPC are Case, WorkParty, Attachment or any object classes that you might have implemented and would like to operate on from outside of PRPC. Let me show you how to construct such a service like I´ve done for a Dutch insurance company... [Edgar] (2/4/2020 1:11:28 PM)


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About Edgar

Edgar is a software engineer with experience in TIBCO Middleware and Pega Case Managemement. He holds a master's degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Data Visualization & Computer Graphics.

In his spare time Edgar reads SOS and Empire, mixes house music, blogs and writes film reviews or goes running.

Currently employed by SynTouch he is specifically looking for a PRPC project. Feel free to contact him for challenging assignments through LinkedIn.