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New Technology Blog

Welcome to this brand new technology blog. This site will feature several topics originating from my professional endeavours or just what I like to share so anyone can benefit. The site itself is also my playground to stay current with the latest tools for software design, development and analytics. The site engine for content management (CMS) and built-in SEO is developed and maintained in-house; hence the name Home Brew Blog. [Edgar] (4/18/2016)


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About Edgar

Edgar is a software engineer with experience in TIBCO Middleware and Pega Case Managemement. He holds a master's degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Data Visualization & Computer Graphics.

In his spare time Edgar reads SOS and Empire, mixes house music, blogs and writes film reviews or goes running.

Currently employed by SynTouch he is specifically looking for a PRPC project. Feel free to contact him for challenging assignments through LinkedIn.